As a mother, When my kids were born, I had to take the role of a housewife and to take care of my 3 toddlers. As any mother knows, this can leave you juggling with many tasks all at once. This can be very tricky, especially as I had very little experience in cooking..

I began with quick and simple recipes. Soon I attempted recipes that were not familiar to me and I discovered that making quick and easy meals was quite achievable. The positive feedback that I got from my kids, family, and friends inspired me to try out more recipes, and my passion for cooking began.

Through the years as my kids grew, so did my experience in cooking and baking.
I collected delicious recipes that were most loved and added my personal touch to it.

As a daughter, From a young age, I loved to watch my mother cook. I was eager to participate and learn how she was serving us with such delicious meals every day. When I was old enough, my mother began to involve me with some of her preparations, and so our love for cooking together began.

In recent years, I was exposed to food videos on social media. I began to watch them every day and that was how my passion to cook and bake at home developed. I began with some easy recipes, making cakes, pancakes, pasta, and such dishes. This allowed me to gain the confidence of succeeding on my own.

I progressed on to joining my mom in the kitchen when preparing meals for family and friends. Working together was enjoyable and fun, creating a very special bond between us.

Following this desire to cook and work together, the idea for a shared blog was born. In our blog, we share our collection of recipes that have been passed down from one generation to the next. They are mostly Mediterranean- style recipes, but we have also shared recipes from other parts of the world that we have altered to our version. We are happy to share with you the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated throughout the years.

Our vision – To show that expensive ingredients are not essential to creating delicious and scrumptious meals. Our recipes can be made from ingredients to be found from your local grocery store.

Our motto – Simple is delicious